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I think this product should fail for a number of reasons. By that, I don't mean it will completely flop and not sell hardly any units. Just by the shear weight of the Windows population and business people looking for a Microsoft tablet to finally arrive, it will sell. No, I mean that from a relative perspective it will not make nearly the impact some of the other portable devices have made in the last couple years.

Microsoft got a number of the features between this and the RT version completely backasswards. First, the screen resolutions should be switched. The RT version should have the higher resolution so that end users can view their media in all its glory... The high resolution on the Pro version just drains the battery quicker and makes operations on the business unit slower when it should be faster (or maybe a compromise resolution?) The complete no brainer to me is that a mobile version of Office should be on the Pro version... Do I even have to explain this one? Those are just a couple but when you add it to the clunky weight and the inflated price (are they trying to outdo Apple?), you get a dud in my mind.
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