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thanks! Actually I think I need LESS depth lol

here's how I understand it: (assuming single rail system) A PSU has a certain set of components that can produce 430W of power for the PC to use across a range of voltages. The PSU engineers consider the set of all plugs and divide the 430Ws among them in what they consider to be a useful configuration. So, when I use adaptors, I'm basically 'adapting' the plugs from what the engineers thought is useful to what is actually useful to me. That is to say; if I'm not using one of the default 60W cables, I can take a 30W cable, use a 3-way splitter on it, and have a total of 3 30W connectors?


in that scenario i described above, if the 60W cable was on the 12v line and the 30w cable was on the 7v line, then i would NOT be able to safely do what i described because the 'extra power' would be on a separate rail?


off the CX430, I've attached the following:

motherboard with 8-pin CPU power
2 hard drives
GTX 660 Ti (2 6-pin - 1 6-pin is powered by the PSU 6+2pin and the other is using a 2-molex adapter)

i still need to attach the R4 fan controller with a sata to molex connector and that would use up every single connector from my PSU

however, I want to use my 6+2 pin for both 6pins on my GPU. I think this will make everything cleaner and save me the effort of finding adaptors if i want to add something to my setup in the future. will this work?: Works 6 Pin PCI-E Splitter Cable - 1 PCIe Female 6 Pin to 2 PCIe Male 6+2 Pin (6 or 8)

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