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Hey mods, can i turn on jerk mode for a moment?

Originally Posted by PcWizTech View Post
I mean here i am, a high school student, trying to buy an iPad with money I'm working REALLY hard for. And yes, a lot is going for college/future savings. But why lie to me. It bothers me so much how some people can be so heartless :/
I'm sorry, but this post really rustled my jimmies. One thing I hope you pick up from this ordeal is that the world is not out to get you. Even if the world is out to get you, it certainly won't be something as trivial as selling you an older model iPad relative to Apple's release date.

They didn't deliberately lie to you, they probably did the same to everyone else who bought an iPad the past week or so. Their sales team is probably ill informed, and probably need better training.

Here's what you can do, go bring it back to their customer service department, let them know that you were misled by their advertising or sales team that you were purchasing the latest iPad. If it's within return period, you don't even have to say anything, just say you don't want it, and they're obligated to accept it unless you broke certain restrictions regarding the sales policy. If it is pass the return date, it is up to the MCS discretion. I don't want to give false hope, but let's just say I have returned things that technically shouldn't be allowed to be returned or exchanged.

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