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I suppose a slight bias. Maybe, maybe the 7950 is a more powerful card, it does have 3Gb, instead of two, but I cannot concede cheaper at all. I got the 660 TI OC for $269.99, the lowest price I can find on a 7950 is $313 and thats not even a brand I know, powercolor. Budget was an issue, I had an agreed max with the wife and this low price was a key factor.

Anyway the plan was drop to a 660 TI OC, from the 670 OC, and maybe a year down the road I buy a second one and SLI. All part of the concession for a lower price and my migration away from using a small form factor system. (was looking at the Sugo SG09, tiny)
Edit: As for the 3 free games, I am unaware of what they are, but in all likely hood it wouldn't matter to me. What were the games?
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