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Default Dell's New Cross-Platform PocketCloud Applications

With three new applications geared toward portable devices, Dell has created a simple way for users to access their cloud content anytime, anywhere.

Last week Dell announced improvements to its PocketCloud system to make uploading, sharing, or recovering content easier, regardless of what device is used. First of the three is PocketCloud Explore for iPad and Windows RT, providing general improvements to the previous iOS and Android versions of PocketCloud apps, as well as additional ways to access remote content. Next up is PocketCloud Web, a web-based equivalent to PocketCloud Explore allowing access to content from any Mac or PC, as well as media sharing or streaming between devices. Third is PocketCloud Companion, the client broker for Windows and Mac operating systems that allows content to be accessed remotely using the other PocketCloud applications. All of which are available now, and free too.

Read more here: Dell Releases New Cross-Platform PocketCloud Applications | Hardware Canucks
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