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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Where are you from? Up here when it gets below -40, -10 doesn't feel bad at all. Of course it is deadly if you lay in your room naked on the floor. If you are wearing a sweater you are fine... hell even with shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt it will be an hour or so before hypothermia will set in. -10 really isn't bad unless you are wet.
Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
I totally agree. Since when did cold air kill on contact?

The coldest (-44c) day i went to school when i was 8-9 i tought there was no more red line... And yes we went to play outside!

There's definitely a HUGE difference between dry and wet state. Your life, when wet at say -20c, can be consumed in minutes.

Water freezes at ZERO celsius if it's cooling

So yes -10C will kill you after a while, you will get "cold" and after a while you will freeze to death

I used to wait for the bus in -20C air temp, the wind chill was way higher, but I'm still alive, but -10C will kill you after enough time
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