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Default Power Adapters

EDIT: keep in mind, I am someone who A-ed chemistry and biology units in highschool, but nearly failed my electricity and magnetism unit. I really don't know a shit about watts, amps, volts other than the fact that those words are in the dictionary.

I just saw a BitFenix Alchemy cable that turned a molex into 3 on earth is this possible? are these 3 molex connectors 'real molex' or are they just running at 1/3rd wattage (not sure if wattage is what i'm looking for....)? So that if I required 'full power' on each of the connectors, something would end up failing (and possibly frying)?

as well, I saw adapters going from sata power to molex and vice versa. On the other hand, I saw a cable with the molex converted into 4 sata power plugs.

what gives?


PSU = CX430

I really actually want to know if I can convert my 6+2 PCIE pin from my PSU into two separate 6-pins to plug into my graphics card. As I understand it, 8-pin is twice the wattage of a 6-pin.

alternatively, I want to split my remaining molex connector into 2, so that i can power the fractal r4 fan controller AND the h80 pump. The h80 will always be staying at it's lowest setting if that matters.
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