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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Who types? Who remembers that the name of the ISO burning software they installed a year ago is Ashampoo?

Sorry, but the windows 8 start screen compares to win7 start button/directory in the same way that a toolbar laden browser (with 1" of actual browsing space) compares to browser in full screen mode.

The glut of start button replacement software on the market demonstrates that M$ isn't serving their customer base by leaving the start button / directory out.
I guess we have very different workflows.

My main desktop is an install of Win7 since September 2009 - the start menu is a disaster, I've never organized a thing on it, and looking at it now, I'm not sure I've used it with the mouse to launch a single program in the past three years.

I know the names of all my programs, I don't need a list of them to read through in order to remember what program to use for something.

Incidentally, I think the start menu and start screen are both pretty poor (though on par with each other) - they both get stomped in utility by good launchers like Alfred or Quicksilver.

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