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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
My estimate of 950ish *shipping included* feels right to me.

A 690 is about 999 new + 13% tax so $1130. Assuming like most of Alpine's stuff it's in perfect condition and that he's very reputable and willing to help with any RMA. The card retains alot of it's value with the added value of 10 year warranty.

$950 for $1200 of new card value is a reasonable starting point but for sure dropping it lower would move it fast.
Of course if you live in Quebec like Apline and myself and you buy one from NCIX, then you don't pay the provincial sales tax which amounts to ~10%. I would wait until January when the sales end at NCIX (and elsewhere) and the free game promo is over, then your card will likely be more attractive.
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