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Lightbulb I dont understand the 5970 vs 6990. please clarify

Ok, so i've been researching the hd 5970, and the hd 6970, and 6990. and when i look at overall specs. the 5970 is supposed to be a dual gpu card. so it explains why its more powerful than the hd 6970. but i don't understand why on comparisons, the 6990 is better than the 5970 in terms of its hardware, but the 5970 still performs better than the 6990. but if that's the case, why does everyone recommend the 6990 if the 5970 is cheaper and more powerful? also, if they are both dual gpu cards, why does everyone compare 2 5970's to one 6990? and if the 5970 is faster than both cards, then why did amd downgrade from the 5000 series into the 6000 series? all the conflicts in the information is making my head spin. please clarify all the confusion for me. THANKS :)

i got the information from here in terms of comparisons: Radeon HD 5970 vs Radeon HD 6990 Performance Comparison Benchmarks @ Hardware Compare
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