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Well does your client care about the machine's physical size? If not, a Corsair Carbide 200R will be good enough. I will stick with mATX since it will give you 32GB RAM max. As for graphics, I would go with Quadro 600 simply because it's not a gaming machine and it's supported by Autodesk and CS suite. While it's a Fermi card, it should be good enough and it got a lower power requirement compared to the gaming cards. I did a quick build using NCIX:

I7 3770 4C/8T
G Skill 32GB 1.5V (4x8GB)
Gigabyte B75M-D3H mATX
Nvidia Quadro 600

That came out to $700 before tax and using weekly deal prices. So that gives you $500 left for case, PSU, OS, and tax.
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