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Originally Posted by SolidCree View Post
If you had the space and funds would you go projector what type Led or LCD... is it affordable long term...

I had a projector that was alright for multiplayer console gaming and watching movies from the computer but could not really play games without glasses...

(sry for the lack of Question marks using old XP desktop that still runs)
I have projectors, plasmas, LCD/LED large screens and touch screen monitors and in my experience unless you go with very high-end projectors they don't approach the quality of a good plasma. Plus, they are noisy, you have to replace the expensive bulbs and often have to realign and recalibrate them. The only good use I've found for the current generation of projectors is if you get three high-end 1080p ones mounted securely and properly aligned so that you have true seemless 3D surround at 5760x1080 resolution in as large a format as you want.
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