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My System Specs


I personally would go Asrock if you want a cheap mobo everything there looks fine if you decide to go with the package pick up a 7950 or 7970 and you're golden same thing i posted in another guy's thread if you want 1000-1200 gaming comp here's the list

CPU - i5 3570k is really good bang for the buck (if you have the extra money go i7 3770k)

Mobo - Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H (or UD3H if you want to save a bit) most z77 mobos will suite your needs just fine

Ram - G Skill ripjaws 4x4gb or 4x8gb

Video card - Radeon HD 7950 or 7970 whichever you feel like buying 7950 is more value oriented 7970 performs a bit better but costs more (might be able to fit two 7950s in your budget)

power supply - any decent 650w+ power suply (higher if you go with 2x 7950 route)

case - really up to you

Assuming you have the peripherals cost ends up being

i5 3570k (220~) + UD5H (200~) + 7950 or 7970 (300-400) + power suply (100) + case (100~) = 1000 give or take

If you want to overclock the 3570k usually does decently. If you pick up some used parts even better hope that helps cheers

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