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Originally Posted by dustin1706 View Post
I wonder if MS will ever give in and include a start menu in the "desktop" and an option to go directly to either metro or desktop on start up.... Seems like it would be a simple solution that would boost sales while still keeping the OS consistent across platforms. If they did include such a thing in a near future service pack I'd probably buy a few copies of Win8.
It's fairly trivial to boot straight to the desktop, just add a "go to desktop" task to the task scheduler to happen on logon.

Or if you put the desktop tile in the top left of the start screen hitting enter returns you to the desktop.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
There's also a few suggestions that windows RT might run on this tablet. I may have to give it a try to see if it's any faster as the C50 proc paired up with 2G mem and a pretty pokey 32G mSata drive is less than optimal for a full fledged windows OS.
I can't see how RT would work, RT is specifically for ARM.

I'm doubtful it would help much in performance anyway, RT still has the desktop, you just can't run any x86 software on it, but all of MS's desktop stuff is compiled for ARM.
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