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My System Specs

Default Do I have a cool running rig on air or what

I have my rig in a ground level TV stand with the back side open, and on the front some cardboard with air holes added.

I have a silverarrow 2x140mm on my i5, I highly recommend it, even with my bad OCing chip that needs 1.31V for 4.3GHz, in P95 max heat mode it keeps under 63C with 1.5 PWM/degree C. In most games it barely get into the low 40s, high 40s in BF3, and idles at ~29-32C.

And now with a powercolor PCS+ 7950 at stock 880/1250, idles at 26-28C with ~20C room temp, in BF3, hitman, sleeping dogs, skyrim, it stays under 59C and averages more like 56C, only 49C in BFBC2 and like 52C in SC2

Now for on air that sounds excellent, I have now plans to go under water with such great temps, but what would they be if I did??????????

Oh and my rig is SUPER quiet, the silverarrow is silent, the XFX pro 750W is silent( once it's warranty was ruined to oil it), the 7950 at those temps is silent, the loudest thing in my rid is the hum of the data storage caviar black HDD, when it powers down, I hear almost nothing at all in a silent room.
i7 2700k - 7950 3GB crossfire - 4GB 1866 CL8 - 1600p

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