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reminds me of "Nvidia SLI Certified" mem anyone remember those 2000mhz kits from ocz. except when you stuck them in a 790i board they wouldn't work at rated speeds because the nvidia chipset couldn't handle the mhz.

Ya i RMA'd a set of those for exchange on a tripple kit of 1600mhz ocz. now i wish id have kept them for current ivy stuff and benching 9-9-9-28 1.8v most of those ram sticks would handle 2.1-2.2 ish v.

I should add my 2 cents tho on the AMD mem . if it helps with memory profiles on their amd boards i say all the power too them. there is nothing worse than haveing a great set of sticks and your board wont set the sub/tertiary timings on its own. and there is very little info out there on what to set anything in those respects.
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