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FWIW, I have ~47,000 hours each on a pair of Seagate Barracuda 7200.10's from 2007. If you're relying upon any single drive to protect your data, then you really aren't managing your stuff responsibly. My drives are in RAID-1 with a larger 2Tb drive.

I actually damaged one of the drives, a 500gb, recently when I was installing another drive into the machine. Ripped a capacitor right off of the PCB. The RAID kept everything running, while I removed the drive and had the capacitor re-soldered to the board. I didn't even have to reboot! And this drive was the boot drive as well!

edit: even SSDs should be protected by some form of RAID as well. In Linux, this is fairly easy, since you can set the 'write-only' attribute on members of the RAID that have slow write speeds, and still benefit from the speed of the SSD.

edit: I had a Hitachi 2Tb 7K3000 fail about a year in-service on me about a year ago -- I was monitoring it with smartmontools and started receiving emails when the SMART counters were going up in a bad way. If you're running Linux, I highly suggest you check this out.

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