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Nope it's not On the mother board yet.. Still getting things together,
Already Got: still in the box
Motherboard (GA-990FXA-UD3)
CPU FX-6100
Videocard XFX 7870 Core Edition Singlefan

Could get another CPU that will be a better fit, just save the fx6100 for another project(FriendofMine is Looking to get a computer piece by piece might sell for a flat $100). But I did see some Video's on youtube with the FX6100 playing BattleField3 on Ultra settings(single Player), Multiplayer is where it started to strain on ultra...don't know yet. Would like to keep this computer going for least a year and half on gaming till my Fortunes Improve maybe longer lol.
Current computer is a Gateway Laptop I got for $500 two years ago could just play BattleField 2 on Medium settings without overheating and shutting down.
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