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Default B/S/T member feedback subforum

Ever since the site got hacked and the iTrader system went down, members became skeptical and were extra cautious before sending me payment, despite the fact that I had a boatload of positive feedback when iTrader worked. A member even created a thread asking the forum if it was safe to deal with me, and I received lots of positive comments (thanks everyone). It seems like to this day, my first time buyers are running into that thread and getting reassurance before dealing me.

Why don't we create a subforum on the site dedicated to receiving feedback from other members? There were a few incidents on the site where things got ugly after iTrader stopped working where people (including me) were getting scammed by people who had no feedback.

Members who use the BST section can start a thread asking for feedback, and other members can post in those threads, saying "+1" or "positive". If another member has another positive experience, they can also post "+1", and then the grand total of feedback the other member has. In this case, they would say "2-0".

If a member wanted to look up a seller's feedback, all they would have to do is find their feedback thread, and look at the last comment in that thread. The last comment should contain the total number of feedback of the member because it was gradually added up each post. No need to actually count up every single post of feedback.
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