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My System Specs


Few things,

Where ya buying from? I'm from Ireland and buy from the UK quite a bit so know the major suppliers,
I'd guess Scan or Overclockers from the cpu oc you copied. either is good but scan will probably be SLIGHTLY cheaper.

SSD's have come a long way, and for the price of that intel you can get near double the space and similar performance from a samsung / OCZ / Crucial etc..
Intel has the best warranty and their push button to clean is great but is it worth the cost to you?

Be careful with silent (or soundproofed) cases, make sure your going to have enough airflow to cool your parts.
You don't need a wind-tunnel (the CM 690II, I have one) but too well insulated and there is no-where for it to breath.

What monitor have you decided on? Personally I would go the U2713 for my next screen but I'd again be hard pressed to justify the spend.
The IPS is much better all round screen (colour, viewing angles, resolution etc) but the 120hz ones provide a silky smooth experience in games and watching fast action (movies / sports etc)

On what GPU(s) to use, well AMD are better at high res, Nvidia (in my opinion and historically) have better drivers, faster releases of profiles for games and far fewer cock-ups in general (though if they do get it wrong it can be big)
Having had both sides in the last few years I can solidly say that I prefer the Nvidia's at the moment,
though that being said you can't look past the value that AMD now has with all the price-drops they HAD to do to become competitive (and are now way better bang for buck)

If your thinking of going 2 cards for sure, then I'd eat the price and go dual Nvidia's.
All you have to do is look at some of the very high end card reviews that include sli and x-fire to see what I'm talking about.

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