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I'm against the idea of crossfiring/sli cards on a budget. You're guaranteed to not get 100% of your return; scaling in most games. Some games like Skyrim for example, will only show a ~10% improvement for additional 100% cost. And other games you'll get very good returns, but very few give you 100%.

Would recommend you get the best single GPU instead, either a 7970 or 680 OC'd or OC yourself. Then, if you still need more power, get another card. But always get the best single GPU your budget allows first, so you get the most bang for your buck.

I would recommend getting 2 Intel 120gb and use RAID0, as TRIM is supported now with your chipset. As opposed to a single 240gb. Get upwards of 1GB/s read/writes. Cost will be very close to each other, if not the same.
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