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My System Specs


Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
I'm heavily leaning towards the E8400 for my PC, it did 4.2GHz last night easily until my too slow ram caused issues. Besides that, the Q9450 has better resale, I need to start parting with some stuff.
Keep the E8400, that chip can do more than 4.2ghz, you just need a decent cooler and some good ram. You do have H100, and I would not recommend going watercooling beyond that, as it will be waste of money completely. That chip is E0 stepping so it doesnt run hot. At 4.2ghz with only an older Titan Fenrir I think I was below 63 degrees on LinX which is kind of like Intel Burn Test.

You can get close to 150 for that Q9450, but not more than 50-75 for the E8400, maybe 100 if you get lucky lol.

For gaming, just overclock the shit out of E8400 and wait till it dies, which would be sometime. As long as your temps are under 75 degrees at any OC, you are doing fine!
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