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Default Some changes in my plans, help me choose a mobo

So I was planning on doing a sff gaming build, but I have decided to go ATX instead. Going to go with the Fractal Design - Define R4 case.

Anyway the reason I am switching is that I want to look at saving a bit of cash to keep the wife happy. I will be going with the intel i5 3570k, already have the corsair H60 cooler. I need some insight into the various mobos that I am looking at.
Cost cutting measure include cheaper mobo, 128GB SSD instead of 240, Gigabyte 660TI OC, instead of 670 OC.
Going full ATX so adding an SLI 660TI OC in the future will be easier, so obviously SLI is a must.

The options I am looking at (must buy from Memory Express)
Gigabyte GA-Z77x-3dh
Asus P8Z77 models LX, LE Plus

I would prefer to keep the mobo cost down somewhere around the $150 mark, but if 20 more dollars is going to get me something worthwhile then I would do that.

What are your thoughts?
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