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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
Windows 8 must have had a role too. "Let's give our core customers (Enterprise) an unusable interface because we are trying to make in roads in the mobile market".
Don't exaggerate the interface is fine. 1 mouse click and you are at a fully functioning desktop.

Everyone is hating on this windows 8 interface. Honestly metro is cosmetic and for mobile devices whenever you load up your machine is the only time you ever need to see it and one mouse click is all it takes to get to the desktop (there are even apps that circumvent this). It's really not bad guys, it's not even like you are losing time in that mouse click because it boots faster than windows 7 anyways.

it's more like "lets give our core customers more speed and the interface they are used to as well as giving them the option for this interface which mobile users will appreciate and maybe some desktop users will adopt as well.

And for people who complain about the start menu just use the windows button. It looks like your start menu button it is just conveniently located on your keyboard right under your pinky finger. Oh and by the way if pressing the windows button on your keyboard is too taxing just get an app that adds in the start menu on your desktop. Problem solved.

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