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Originally Posted by GregH View Post
AHK can be used for many other things than macros in games, so highly unlikely that Blizz would ban for it.
20 mins is pretty impressive considering that includes the 5 stack. Assuming you ran that with CDXLIV or whatever his name is from reddit?

I think our best was 15 mins NOT including the 5 stack. That was with two CM wiz's, a barb and my monk. Would probably be better with a 3rd DPS character rather than the extra wiz, but that's what we had so it wasn't too bad overall.

Not sure what the ideal DPS party would be...CMWW for the freeze obviously, then likely a barb and a monk for high DPS. Maybe a WD for buffs/debuffs and some more dps? 2 monks, one with MoC and one with MoR transgression (8% IAS) works pretty well too

actually, its even faster with CDX.. 20 mins was with my regular farming group.

fastest group would definitely need a CMWiz that got 3 attacks per second, a HOTA barb, a Monk with OVERAWE, and a WD w/ Big Bad Voodoo..
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