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Default Best Monitor for X

Sorry guys I know there are alot of threads about this but I am having some trouble on what to decide for a monitor. I'm running SLI GTX 680s and am thinking about a 3 monitor setup (3 for gaming but 2 for design and rendering/multitasking) Gaming though comes before work when it comes to my home system in terms of monitors.

I'm not looking for a monitor that goes well with just a 3 monitor setup, or is a good price, but just the best quality monitor whether on its own or in Surround. I need a monitor with the following:

120hz (I dont really have use for 3D Vision so that will be hard to find a monitor without it in the first place)

Has to be below 27" (Resolution and crispness matters to me)

And Input Lag (The lowest input lag I can find that is 120hz would be preferable)

And of course the picture has to actually look good, which I trust you to know better than me when it comes to the quality of a monitor and it's picture quality/color quality

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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