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Default Custom fan controller - Technical advice needed

Hey everyone! This is my first time posting in this forum. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but I couldn't find an "experiments" subforum.

I tried another hardware forum I frequent to get some help, but didn't have any luck. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, couldn't find an "experiments" subforum though.

So i thought "What the heck, the folks at hardwarecanucks seem helpful, It/they helped more than a few times, maybe it's time I join the community, and get some tips on my wacky experiments"

*This is a pasted version of my post in former forums*

Hey people.

I'm modding my case yet again, I will cut it up, change the cage locations, do a whole new front, change the power LEDs, put some new power buttons, drill some fan mounts, coat of paint, you know the drill.

Something came across my mind though. I figured out I can make a super cheap and effective fan controller out of a potentiometer, or variable resistor.

Now, i can't be arsed to order in a fan controller, since i don't have any in my vicinity. I'd like to approach the pot idea though, it'll only set me back a couple of cents. Maybe a few bucks for some 3-pin connnectors. I also like the challenge of homemade modding, so the "I made it myself" factor is also a pretty good incentive!

What i'd like to know is, can i put one potentiometer controlling various fans, let's say 6 for example? What specs would the pot need? Could they be daisy chained?

I have soldering know how, just not alot of experience with component calculations. Anything i can learn off of this will be useful for future projects.

Any help and explanations would be appreciated!


I'm guessing the main thing here would be not to surpass the amperage limit of the potentiometer. So considering for example a 3w/20ohm pot running of a 12v line, after calculations it would have a limit of about 25miliamps I think.

If a daisy chain of fans surpassed that amount of amperage, then i'd need a higher wattage pot. Is that relatively correct or not really?
So yeah, I'd like some tips on the above situation if anyone is able to help. When i'm done and if it (hopefully) works, i'll probably throw a guide in the How to's section of the forums! Probably along with some LED strip dimmer I'm thinking of doing...
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