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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
You sure? I was under the impression of otherwise but then again I haven't actually looked it up. Will make me progressing secondaries faster anyways.
Yep, A3 all critters are mlvl 63 with a couple of exceptions: Those fallen mages & one other one...can't recall which now.

After seeing how dominating good CMWW wiz's can be vs ubers I'm leveling my baby wizard to grow into one. At least with MP10, a hellfire ring & Cain's set the levels come fast. Just dinged 44 so equipped a 800 dps -16 lvl req axe I'd been holding on to. That was a slight DPS upgrade from the 80 dps weapon I had been using...

Most uber runs I do now are minimum MP8 so pretty good chance of organs. I think I have about 10 junk rings sitting in my stash now.
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