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My System Specs


I would second the SSD for boot drive and 1 or 2 games. I have had a samsung 256 gb 830 for over a year now and no issues what so ever. I have just ordered a 840 samsung for another build, but cannot comment yet on reliability. As for HDD I like the seagates myself. Motherboards I like the Asus and Gigabyte and have never owned anything else so can't comment there. The 2 I have used in the past have been solid. As for PSU I use corsairs AX or HX and again no issues. Video cards I have some experience with as I GPY fold as well. I like eVga best of all no issues to date. I have fried a Gigabyte and asus card neither of which were OC'd. Warranty replaced them. CPU's I have been using the intels of late. Used to be a AMD fanboy back in the day of the 929 fx chips though. From what some of the guys say here, AMD is a fabulous bang for your pound. (hehehehe). With RAM I ususally stick with Kingston Hyper-X. For keyboards and mice I lean towards Logitech or Razor. For monitors, Samsung.
Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck with the build keep us posted.

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