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Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
Tossed up a quick 32M on the old Q9550 in case you need another body around.

Should be able to improve that a bit...
Thanks! The score is good to have, updated OP.

Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post
I should have taken your advice... After failing to get past 106 again, I decided I would update my bios. Everything flashed ok but upon reboot she decided not to post. Error 55 (No Memory) and the CPU Q-LED is lit up...

I've had enough of this damn board. Nothing but headaches.

I've had nothing but bad luck with Asus...

Time to pack it in for the night as I have a trade show to attend in the morning :P
Sorry to hear about your troubles with it, I find my 1155 Asus board just rock solid. Stupid question but you cleared CMOS right? Sometimes that is required. Although I'm pretty sure I messed up my 990FXA-UP7 just to make you feel better. Finished my bottle of LET so I bought a new one, went to apply it around the socket but it was so runny it was like water and it ran right under the socket. Now I can see it inside the pins socket since it seemed to wick up into the pin holes.

Going to have to figure out how to get the socket apart to clean it out.....
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