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Default The Old Republic Free to play

Is a complete joke. I reinstalled this to 1 finish off my character and do another 1 or 2 at my leasure without having to pay. I boot it up, create a new character to get back into it gently, realise I haven't actually unlocked other races with legacy so I go through with my Jedi, play a little then go to see what other classes offer. BUT NO, 2 character max with no way to expand that besides getting a subscription.

I google extensively and find out what other limitations there are, hadn't bothered before because I figured I would just work around them but EVERYTHING is limited to the extreme. Free to play is a misnomer, it is still very much either a subscription game or a pay to win and I am very disappointed in EA once again.

Hell I just about would have payed for more character slots, what kind of bullshit makes you delete characters to give you a new one. But you cant even play the game without putting money into it feels like and all I wanted was to just play the stories through....
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