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the main difference for mp0 vs mp1 is actually that in mp1 every monster is guaranteed to be lvl 63 and rolls are now based on monster level not item level so it can make quite a bit of difference in that regard. But in any case the odds are not in your favor for keys or organs in the lower mps. Your better off focusing on gear/xp runs and just swinging by the warden on your farm.

Though I've also had rubbish luck in mp7/8 before in a3, where it took 4 runs to get a key. And then there was my first mp9 uber run which gave me 2/4 of the items which just plain amused me.

I just want to say the amount of dps need to clear mp8 over 7 is a bigger jump than I was expecting. I can basically run through 7 without too much trouble at this point, reflect damage/molton still gives me a little trouble, but mp8 slowed me down massively. I tried mp10 for a moment, just to see if I could survive it, and wow each monster takes minutes to kill even at my monks fully buffed dps.
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