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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
I did some more research and found that RTV510, 567, 577, 655 and 656 would do the trick. Same for the Dow Corning stuff. But no luck Bud... sorry. All those sealants are not on our Preferred Parts List within the Company. Thus they are not ordered, nor can I request them.

I even requested samples from both suppliers... and both requests were denied. First time that ever happened to me.
Thank you for trying.I really appreciate it.

And Thanks for the research.I knew there were others , but well, momentive's site is not great....the data is all there , it's just finding it.

I actually talked to someone at momentive's silicones division yesterday.
The first thing he said after I explained what I needed , was ; "None of our silicones go below -60 c".

After I told him all about his company's low temp silicones , we got down to the nitty-gritty.

He confirmed that 90% of the 2-part silicones are available in 1 gallon lots only.

He then told me pretty much the only way I was going to get a 1 pint size was by sample.He then told me something you have already just found out.They are getting reallllly stingey with the samples.


Sooo.......I guess it's down to begging via email , even tho I'm totally willing to buy it.

I am going to look for a calgary division of momentive tho....GE has many offices here , I should be able to.


My glass is in town !! I'll be picking it up sometime in the next couple days.

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