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Arrow Help me build my next gaming PC guys....

Been a while since Ive built a PC e.g. 2008. Though I have built a few since circa 1996
This one is going to be my present to myself for Christmas. I have been off the PC scene for ages and even got "lost" and bought a PS3 (thinking it would satiate my appetite). However, the bug has bit again and there are a few new games I fancy. I have done lots of research and have read the sticky re asking for your help.

I put my pc future, in your hands:

Q1): What will PC be used for
A) Gaming only

Q2) Price range is 1000-1100 ($1600-$1900). This excludes a monitor.
A) Price range is not set in stone, but I hope 1100 would be enough as a max

Q3) Buying from..

Q4) Fanboy of
A) Seagate over WD re reports on returns of faulty drives in 2011. Want Intel CPU.

Also 2 out of 3 SSDs went faulty within 12 months regarding the 3 pcs I bought 2010 for my business. Weary of SSDs (obviously) and would avoid unless someone can tell me its a different story in 2012/13?
Want a 27 monitor. See below.

Q5) What parts am I going to use that I currently own?
A) May consider using p180 case (p183?) that I have (currently houses, q6600 office PC), but would need to buy a new case for the office pc (which is no problem I guess). Also PSU in the same pc is could be reused (modular 750/850 psu, cant remember make but was over 100 and needed as gpu in office pc is 8800gtx)
All other parts happy to buy inc windows 7 (8?)

6) What have I read that influences me re build?
A) Read lots and lots about 120mhz monitors but all are TN. Been looking at Dell U2713 and also Iiyama g2773hs. Cant decide if 1080p and super fast response with poor colour at 120mhz is more important than 1440p that is yes slower but is IPS and has fantastic colour!
Obviously screen will dictate GPU but I do now know what card would be required to power a 1440p screen
Also read that Intel CPU is much better for games?

Q7) Overclock?

Would be cool I guess to buy a mobo/CPU/Memory combo that is already OCd? I have never overclocked myself, though I have looked at it within the last week and it seems easy enough. The office computers have AMD955black CPUs and the forums I read explained that increasing one notch of CPU voltage to within parameters of CPU and then cranking up frequency (and then taking it back when unstable etc etc,)would to the trick!
Not sure I am comfortable with this but would be happy to have a go for a small, say 10% increase. I would not want to go too far however.
I see lots of OCd CPUs available for sale especially 3570 i5s and 3770 i7s but in all honesty I am happy to let someone else do this and pay them.

Q8)Plan to build before Christmas

Q9) No idea what If this is for gaming, tell us what resolution and the settings you wish to have in games (max everything, high, medium, or low). Do you turn AA on and do you care about gaming technology with PhysX, CUDA, eyfinity, 3D, etc means but I want full everything if Im paying over 1000

Q10) Are there any specific technologies you want?
Specific technology is not important. What is paramount is that everything works in complete synergy and that there is not a component that is a bottleneck, that restricts other components, meaning money was wasted on unnecessarily fast components that are restricted due to the bottleneck.

I figured the above would be the way forward for help re the sticky as I was unsure what to ask you guys!

Please help. I will of course let you know my progress and how the build goes.
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