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As i was initialy going to react to this as another way to pull in the intel "loyalists" to fork over more $ to them when they want to upgrade to a newer cpu (though haswell's move to socket 1150 just proves my point further) ... IF they are going to do it that they develop a solution for the "general" populus & a seperate for the "elitist-enthusiast" populous then it makes sence.

MOST general users could care less if the cpu is bound to the board or not as long as it does what they want it to (pc chips sold MANY boards like this cause of the lower cost & basic funtionality while not the best preforming parts on it) .... that said, this could then make unbounded upgradable solutions more "premium" in costs vs the fully intergrated to board solution. Ex broadwell general consumer board with decent cpu onboard $150 .... "premium" broadwell board $150-2xx + broadwell cpu $1xx-$3xx

My guess the broadwell bga solutions would be like i3's with high clocks on it & then if you wanted more core's/threads you'd have to buy the "premium" selection of products.
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