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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
Thin bezel, yes. Thin borders, not so much.
If you look carefully at this photo, you can see the division (the photo is huge so I'll link it). The plastic case around the glass is only about 2mm, but the image doesn't cover the entire glass.
Hmm, it looks like (based on proportioning the image) that the "traditional bezel (or area with no image) will be <10mm where the LG IPS7 is 10-11mm. I'm actually pretty excited if I can get IPS with 10mm borders for < $230 a pop. Will hopefully have a review or two out as I know NOTHING about the reputation of AOC and don't want to drop over $650 without some knowledge.

Edit: I'm reading something about no DVI connection!? WTF? 2012 and they have VGA instead of DVI? HDMI isn't a great solution as I need to buy a DVI to HDMI then :/ At least the 5ms response time has the potential for gaming (although we all know that response time can be "measured" in different ways to make the number look nicer).

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