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CPU Full Speed - 53~56
LinX 0.6.4

Using Intel original cooler, i3-3220 is good in OS Desktop.
Full speed is lower than 60 degree C. This is also better than average.
After Ivy Bridge phases in 22nm, K sku CPU temperature after OC is not improved.
However, for general use, the temperature performance is excellent.

Power Consumption Test
Enable C1E and Enter to OS Desktop - 30W

Disable C1E and Enter to OS Desktop - 38W

Running LinX to Full Speed CPU - 57W

In Sandy Bridge, Intel has lower the TDP much comparing to 1st gen Core i.
After Ivy Bridge phase-in 22nm, it?s even 10~20% lower.
The Ivy Bridge doesn?t improve much in ratio due to Sandy Bridge TDP is very low already.
Also, I don?t use 80Plus power supply this time. If I change to 80Plus, it will improve more.

LGA 1155 chipset has H61, B75, H77 and Z77.
These four chipsets have different specs and features. I do recommend you to study first before buying.
The price is much cheaper than the past. Four chipsets entry models price is very close. It?s around 15~30USD for each segment.
Most MB brands have many models for each chipset.
You can choose by your budget, favorite brands and specs.

Intel revealed Ivy Bridge Core i3 is renewing product line as the price is same as Sandy Bridge Core i3.
For positioning is also the same. Entry i3-3220 bundles HD2500 and i3-3225 is with HD4000.
If 3rd gen Core i3 price can be lower, it will be more attractive.
Windwithme shares Ivy Bridge entry Core i3-3220 performance for your reference. I also hop Pentium series can be released earlier. :)

This is also in my blog - WIND3C, All comments are welcome.
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