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Originally Posted by Trimen1000 View Post
We have a network setup that is rather strange:

A cable modem gets the internet in one building which connects to router 1. Then this router connects to a dish which transfers the internet connection to another dish on another building. This dish is then connected to router 2 which connects to two other routers which then provide Internet over hardware and wireless connections.

So the Internet is around 1.5 Mb/s when connected to any of the routers in the second building, but when connected to router 1 it is 25 Mb/s. However this has not always been the case. A few days ago most connections in the deck d building were getting about 4 Mb/s. No changes were made that we know of.

Are there any suggestions as to what can be done to improve the speeds? Or figure out what changed over the weekend?
Considering that when I was on RURAL internet that is exactly how it worked. 1 large antennae to feed the internet to a bunch of small other dishes around the neighborhood. If LOS was good .. 1Mbit was all you'd get.

So .. sounds like your getting what you should.
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