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My System Specs


you can also consider buying a used video card, gtx 570 and 580 both perform well and will be a much better price / performance ratio, there are some used 580s for about 200 bucks and considering a 670 is 379.99 pre tax and shipping is it really worth it?

Side note the AMD video cards are amazing and a 7950 is close to a 680 in terms of performance when overclocked and also scale amazingly with overclocking (and this is coming from someone who owns a gtx 680 lightning) if you're looking for the best bang for your buck go with radeon 7950 or 7970, if you can find a used one its even cheaper and performs like a beast.

p.s. you can flash reference non ghz editions to ghz bios and have the same performance so don't bother too much with ghz edition it's really just for winning reviews.

IMO pick up 1 7950 if you want performance per dollar, if you're overclocking pick up the vapor-x / windforce if not any reference card will do the trick cheaper the better

For that budget price you can pick up a 7970 as well as stated if you're overclocking it'll cost a bit more but pick one up that can handle it I.E. MSI lightning / 7970 matrix / vapor-x / vortex II


- you're playing the silicon lottery each time (CPU and GPU)

- you're only guaranteed whatever is written on the box so even if you pay the premium you're only guaranteed the factory overclock
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