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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
I don't know why people want their start menu so bad... They really just need to fix a few quirks with the search and it will be fully funcional. Other than that you can still pin items to the task bar for easy access or have desktop icons.
We've already been over this many times. I think I've used search once in the last month, and that was to launch the cmd function... it's just not the way I use my PC so taking away my start button in order to force me to try to remember the name of some random program I installed a year ago for opening .tar files just isn't on.

I got a kick out of the blog WRT the metro interface, it was all about making the search function work better for folks who already use it, absolutely nothing for old school folks who use directory trees and have everything on their pc's in order.

It's designed for people who install a few programs / apps, not for those of us who want occasional access to a multitude.
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