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My System Specs

Default Broke Motherboard?

Well, where to start.

So, as some of you guys know, I recently got an EVGA 660 Ti, 16GB Corsair Vengeance ram, and windows 8. It worked out very well, until I saw how fast my CPU was going. My CPU is the FX-8150 (Please don't tell me AMD sucks, I know lol). It's normal speed is 3.60 GHz, but mine was only going 2.65. So, I knew this wasn't right because it use to go 3.60. So, I rebooted my PC and went into the bios, and turned on the turbo mode and the OC tuner. Then, my PC's screen went black and my pc was just running, but not showing.

Now, I know it isn't my monitor, because I tried it on three different ones.
I then let my PC sit without any of the cords connected for 10 minutes, and it still didn't work. Now, I think it's my motherboard because none of my USB slots work either. Did this ever happen to you? Would this be fixed when I get my i7 and my new motherboard? Any help would make me grateful.
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