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And what exactly happens if the next generation consoles don't offer significant graphics upgrades over the current generation? Let's be honest here; anything less than a fivefold increase in horsepower will be a major disappointment. Why? Because these are the consoles that will be around when 4K and stereo 3D become mainstream.

As it stands, the current generation of consoles can barely push 720P @ 60Hz let alone the 1080P @ 120Hz or 240Hz necessary for headache-free 3D.

The same thing goes for 4K; all of today's console games are simply scaled 720P (0.9 megapixel) titles. They'd simply shit their pants when trying to display @ 40962160 or 8.8 megapixels. Sony and MS won't be able to pull the same "upscaling" crap this time around since the move from 1080P to 2160P is quite extreme and can't simply be passed off like 720P to 1080P was.
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