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My System Specs


I was lucky to have an american friend buy one for me yesterday. Im looking forward to using it even though I never really found my BB 9790 disappointing. I just have to try Android and look at developing some software for it. HSPA was fast enough when I had a BB 9900 and I only have 1gb of data on my plan so LTE isn't too important to me. I will try activating it when I get my phone. Most of the time, I am within range of WiFi anyways. I was a bit disappointed to hear that there is no SD card support, but I never loaded my BlackBerry with music and movies anyway and didn't fill a 2gb card with pictures and video I recorded. I have an ipod and playbook for that. $360 for an unlocked phone with those specs and app support is too hard to pass up. My brother paid $700 for his GS3 which is also a really nice phone, but I couldn't justify switching from BB for that much money. Even if I don't end up liking the GN4, I'm sure I can flip it for what I paid for it.
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