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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rasparthe View Post
Finding LN2 is easy enough, paying for the prices is what hurts. The 9xxx aren't really needed, Super PI is single threaded so having the extra threads isn't necessary, your best bet is a Wolfedale chip, no matter the model number. I have an e8600, if needed although I will probably try with an e3xxx first, and SF101 posted an e8500 already, so the 8xxx are probably covered unless you can find a cheap 8400
Sorry.. That's what I meant. LoL. Finding it for a decent price is definitely the challenge.

Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Sign me up to run the SPi32 on a QX9650. Can do about 4.8 with water. Water's as cold as I get I'm afraid.

And Slaughter - depending on what we need to fill out the rest of our scores, you can use my E8400 or E6850 for the SPi32 stage if you like.

Looks like I won't be using the SR-2 for the Vantage stage after all. Died spontaneously two nights ago after many months of folding. I've been trying to revive it, but no success so far. Will try a few more things tonight, but it's starting to look like it has already punched its ticket to RMAville. Figures.

Other piece of "good" news: The website from which I ordered the GT 530 canceled my order, saying the item had been discontinued. But then later that very same day, that very same webstore posts a kijiji ad for that very same GT 530. Now they are not responding to any of my emails or voicemails. Nice.

Lastly, bought a 2600k from a guy on [H] in the U.S. Hoping to get it in time to post a halfway acceptable 3DM03 score with the 8800s - if not then a 920 will have to do.
Ouch! That sucks with the SR2 and the GPU :( Looks like that one is going to be tough to find.

When are you going to move on to some dice/ln2 benching? ;) LoL
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