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My System Specs


Sign me up to run the SPi32 on a QX9650. Can do about 4.8 with water. Water's as cold as I get I'm afraid.

And Slaughter - depending on what we need to fill out the rest of our scores, you can use my E8400 or E6850 for the SPi32 stage if you like.

Looks like I won't be using the SR-2 for the Vantage stage after all. Died spontaneously two nights ago after many months of folding. I've been trying to revive it, but no success so far. Will try a few more things tonight, but it's starting to look like it has already punched its ticket to RMAville. Figures.

Other piece of "good" news: The website from which I ordered the GT 530 canceled my order, saying the item had been discontinued. But then later that very same day, that very same webstore posts a kijiji ad for that very same GT 530. Now they are not responding to any of my emails or voicemails. Nice.

Lastly, bought a 2600k from a guy on [H] in the U.S. Hoping to get it in time to post a halfway acceptable 3DM03 score with the 8800s - if not then a 920 will have to do.
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