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Originally Posted by XNine View Post
Well, I'm glad your Bosch bit worked for YOU. lol, when I had a Bosch bit it did nothing but mangle the hell out of the metal I was working with. However, nice dewalt!

Good to see progress being made. :) However, I'd like to see some more large-scale pics of the entire project. I think you've got a killer build going, but I want to see the whole thing. Then again, perhaps you haven't done enough work and aren't ready for those kinds of pics yet. Either way, I really enjoy your build log.

BTW, I stole your color scheme a little, just ordered some Shade 19. :D
The bosch bit worked well but went slow and the metal was thin and the plastic didnt stand a chance

Thanks now the case is still together but missing some pieces as modding continues
I will try some full shots for you soon,the ones I took didnt turn out very well
need to rewire the front panels and get rid of the blue led's
have a big order should be here soon hopefully friday

You cant go wrong with shade 19,awesome shade
darker than grey but lighter than black
I wish Nils would make some jumbo shade 19
for usb3 cables ,but I might try your method for sleeving them thx for that
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