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My System Specs


I have got tons of PM's Texts and calls asking if I still help with RMA's and you know what.. I do, but now I will have to charge shipping to people if shipping is incurred I will even send you the CP or Puro receipt for proof of cost most likely less then $20 but I no longer have a free shipping account and no longer have a bank account in the green. BUT as always I am happy to help.

Also if you have a RMAable item but dont want it or have the time to deal with it send it my way and I can either donate it(if thats what you want) or get it replaced and wait till we find someone in the forum in need.

Thanks for listening chiiiildren (playing fallout again)

For the next few weeks I do have lots of time to assist so if people need assistance post here or pm me and I can get the ball rolling faster then the norm
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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