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Originally Posted by HoserEh View Post
My concern is age and relaibility with such an older drive....should I pony up the cash or should i be fine for 4-6 months?

Or both.

In reality, the lifetime of drives is USUALLY very good, but that is an AVERAGE. Any drive can die any time, or not die for a very long time.

Regardless of the age of your drives, I would suggest running an app that monitors SMART parameters. There are some freebies that work well. Checking them once a week at first, and if nothing shows then check them less frequently. If the app is any good, it will alert you when anything changes.

Acronis has a free disk monitor that is worth checking. Until you are spindle free (all SSD drives), this is a very good bit of insurance. There is also a plugin for MS Home Server that does the same thing.

This does not guarantee that a drive won't just up and stop working without warning - but it makes it less likely. Short of physical damage/shock/electrical shock, I have not seen a drive die without some warning. Not that I have had a lot of drives die, and I don't claim to be an industry experct, just someone working in this field for close to 30 years.

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