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My System Specs


What people like larkstarr don't even try to realize is that some of us actually put lots of games, I have 3 that are over 500mb and 2 over 1gb, some legal music that I stream in my car that I don't compress do death so there's another 10GB+ easily. I also carry around documents that I need, there's another 500MB. 16GB is laughable today. What I think is even more laughable is the $50 premium for 8more GB of space. Quite possibly the strangest move of all time here is adding a slim HDMI port. So, even a slimmed down rip of an HD movie is ~1GB, what do I delete to have a few movies onboard.....

But how DARE I dismiss the pure googly awesomeness of this phone. It truly is the bestest you can get today, no way it will be surpassed any time soon, well maybe in a few months, but not soon.

This phone is like a kickass high end kids toy. Insane specs, and I am not being sarcastic there at all. It truly has the best current hardware specs out. It's just sad that they continue to choose to leave out expandable storage. To me, having LTE hardware without the possibility of it working properly so they disable it makes that a huge gimp. Like it or not, it is.

Now if one could just get one for the retail price and not $600 on Ebay right now........
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