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My System Specs


unless you're running 3 monitor its not necessary and my 680 lightning (2gb) does fine with my triple monitor setup

Keep in mind that you're not increasing memory bandwidth only the amount of available memory (correct me if I'm wrong) so it's still limited by the bottleneck of the 256 bit memory interface.

I would go with a high end 2gb version if you want 4gb buy the classified (one with the evbot plug if you can find one like that) or msi, the cooling is comparable to asus direct cu II without the ugly honking huge heatsink (asus directcu II is not as good as they advertise and can easily be made into a 2 slot with the same performance, I had one and it didn't provide any better temps than the twin frozr IV that i switched to)

If water cooling go with any reference if you want a cheaper block or the classified especially if you can find one with evbot plug

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